Marian Month/ MARY: Our Hope (May 20)

"Our Lady, a full participant in the work of our salvation, fol­lows in the footsteps of her son: the poverty of Bethlehem, the everyday work of a hidden life in Nazareth, the manifestation of his divinity in Cana of Galilee, the tortures of his passion, the di­vine sacrifice on the cross, the eternal blessedness of paradise.

"All of this affects us directly, because this supernatural itiner­ary is the way we are to follow. Mary shows us that we can walk this path with confidence. She has preceded us on the way of im­itating Christ; her glorification is the firm hope of our own salva­tion. For these reasons we call her ‘our hope, cause of our joy’."

Let your eyes look straight forward and your gaze be directly ahead. Make level the path for your feet and let your ways be secure.
- Proverb 4:25-26

Reflection: God has established Mary as a bridge that leads to salvation.
By making use of this bridge, we pass safely over the stormy sea of this world and reach the happy harbor of heaven.
- St. James of Nisibis

Prayer: O Mary, you are our Bridge of Salvation. Let me look only to you to lead me unerringly to your Divine Son. Grant that I may never deviate from your saving guidance.

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